Time to detox baby! 30 day Green Smoothie Challenge


So did everyone have a good NYE?
I did by attempting to drown my liver and stuff my organs.  I wasn’t 100% bad but I wasn’t good to myself either.  It’s weird, I kinda feel like I’ve been cheating on myself.  I made a commitment and I’ve done so well by sticking by it.  I’ve lost weight, gained confidence, realised the joys of fitness and finally got my asthma and eczema under control, but even after just 10 days of eating a little bit crappier I’ve notice a changed within my body.

I feel sluggish, panicky, hungrier and my asthma and eczema are back.  At this point I could just give up….eat cupcakes and pretend I’m happier that way.  I won’t.  Why? Because I know I can do this, I just need a decent kick up the bum and these are my steps to doing it.

1.      Nothing sweet after 11am – this includes fruit, honey etc.

2.      Get up and exercise for a minimum of 30 mins a day – my Brobot for Xmas actually made me an exercise program which I’m looking forward to starting. He designed it to help me get fit for snowboarding in March/April. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

3.      Drink more water!

4.      Drink less wine! Back to once a week. Less if I can. Sad face.

5.      Set an achievable goal – mine is to be fitter for snow boarding and to get Scotty (the dog) super fit.

6.      Challenge myself and make my food interesting again.

Now, regarding step number six, I think I’ve found a way to do this. While I was trolling around on instagram, I found the 30 day Green Smoothie Challenge

now just to find some jars to drink out of....

now just to find some jars to drink out of….

Pretty much, the idea is you replace one or two of your meals with green smoothies for 30 days.

I have a smoothie anyway for breakfast at the moment, so its really about just adding more greens to it.  If you look at my blog post, a tale of two vegan green smoothies, you can see I’ve tried this before. The difference is this time I won’t be breaking any blenders. Speaking of breaking, this also won’t break the bank! It’s completely free!  See what I did there kids, that’s what we call segue. You can even get a nifty little e-book full of recipes and tips. During this challenge I’ll be updating my instagram daily with green smoothie pics; expect a lot of glasses, cups and jars.  I might even throw in pictures of my hand and/or face. I warn you the excitement may just be a little too much. If you have any recipes, hints or advice please let me know!


Time to start loving my health again :-)

Time to start loving my health again :-)

Also if any fellow bloggers want to join me, shoot me an email/comment and I’ll link you into a post, tag you in my instagram and link you to any other posts I do about the smoothies. 

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4 thoughts on “Time to detox baby! 30 day Green Smoothie Challenge

  1. Hi Megs! I’m going to start off by saying it was great to see you at rotto! You look amazing! Now, your green smoothie challenge struck a chord with me, I need to shed my ‘Christmas Curves’ and was far too lazy to come up with a plan of my own, so I was thrilled when I read your blog. I too have been so good for so long, but definitely dropped the ball over the silly season. I thought this will be a great kick start.

    Now, I would like to keep you posted on my progress! First of all, I don’t own a blender. Last year I decided I needed one so I headed to Kmart. I quickly became overwhelmed with my choice of blenders, and in a small panic, I left the store with…. A handheld stick mixer…. To its credit, it has been great! … Until now. This mornings attempt at green smoothie number 2 ended up in green floor, green walls, green kettle, green cat, and yes… Green face. I think I will be going to buy a blender today. A real one.

    As far as the smoothies go, they have been great! Yesterday’s was the vitamin C immunity booster, it was delicious. However, far from green. More purple brown eww colour. But tasty. Today’s is the kiwifruit tango. The small amount that I managed to salvage after painting my house with it is fantastic, and very green! Do yourself a favour, don’t taste afte the first stage of mixing the kale and coconut water ‘just to see what it tastes like’ its awful. Anyway the end product is great.

    If anyone out there is thinking about joining, my best tip would be to buy the fruit from the markets. I got my lot from freo markets yesterday and all of it is delicious. I got 5 kiwi fruits for $2 and 3 mangos for $5. All of it was cost effective and I got everything I needed from one stall.

    Thanks again for the idea! Looking forward to hearing about how your experience is going!

    • You win for longest reply ever! Can I recommend something? You need to buy a blender! I love my blender to bits! I use it for smoothies, sauces and soups and unless you leave the lid off your much less likely to “paint the walls” :-P. I’m just writing an update on my smoothies over the last two days I’m just so happy I know someone doing it with me :-) xoxo

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